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Australie - What to see and do

Glen Japanangka : Water Dreaming


What to see and do there

See also Australia : Tips for your trips

Australia is a land of great diversity.  Not only is it a BIG country - with many different landscapes - it is also a multicultural country.

The first Australians – the Aborigines – shape Australia’s knowledge of the earth.  They are a population that believe in the “Dream Time”   and this mythical belief shows in their beautiful artworks, and the way many Aboriginal people chose to live.

The first immigrants to Australia were from Europe and consisted of criminals – The English aristocracy thought it was a wonderful idea to make Australia a Penal Colony!  Since 1788, the rush of non-Indigenous Australians - to Australia - has not stopped!
The fact sheet here  gives more detailed information if you are interested.

Having said this there are a great range of activities to do, when in Australia, a diverse number of things to see and lots of places to visit!

Image: Water Dreaming by Glen Japanangka

NB: We have included a lot of web links in his page to help you with your trip planning. A lot of the sites are in English but quite a few have French translations - you just have to click on the French flag at the top of page. We invite you to click on the links and share the adventure.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

Clown fish on the reef


All photos above courtesy of Reef Trip.

The Great Barrier Reef  is on the East Coast of Australia and stretches for over 2 000 kilometres and is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.  Here you can go swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving or just laze around on one of the 900 islands!

A great website to look at for activities, accommodation, history, facts, figures and an overload of information is The Queensland Armchair Guide.  If you can’t make it to Australia, at the moment, you can always follow them on twitter  and be regularly updated on what is happening from their home on The Great Barrier Reef!

Central Australia

This iconic landmark - Uluru - represents what is a very vast area in Australia known as “Central Australia” or “The Red Centre”.  This area is arid, mysterious, full of amazing (and some deadly!) flora and fauna,  and at every moment one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth.

Some fun information can be found here with regards to temperature and geography.  This area of Australia is fabulous for hiking, walking, picture taking and enjoying some of Australia’s very ancient Indigenous culture.

Not the capital of Australia, but a marvellously rich and diverse city, none-the-less!
There are many iconic buildings in Sydney, worth a look.  As can be seen in the above picture – the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  You can observe this from the ground, from a car (when driving across it), from the train (when it runs across it), from a ferry or boat on the harbour or you can climb it.  The Sydney Bridge Climb  is a wonderful experience and an even better view!

Sydney Opera House

In 1957 a young Danish architect designed this amazing building, that since 2007 has been a UNESCO world heritage site, that is definitely worth a look.  If you can't make it to a performance, you can just drop by for a tour.

Centrepoint Tower (Sydney tower)

To get an amazing view of “old Sydney town” this is the place to go.  This is the 2nd largest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere.

"Hang Ten" in Sydney. (Surfing in Sydney for those non-Aussies who aren't familiar with this expression!)

Not only does Sydney have a beautiful harbour that you can discover with cruise, ferries  or canoe, but it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!  One of the most famous being Bondi.  However, you can walk along the coast and enjoy any number of sandy spots.

Remember  : if you are there in the summer, it is VERY hot and sunscreen is a MUST!

Walking in and around Sydney

As can be seen on this site there are many walks that can be done in and around Sydney.  There are a plethora of national parks that are breathtakingly beautiful and well worth the day trip from Sydney.

The Gold Coast

As the name suggests this place is dazzling!  Not only is it where the rich and famous of Australia choose to stay, it is also home to some of the most beautiful, the longest and most pristine beaches of Australia – if not the world!

Beyond the beaches there are also some amazing national parks, mountains and rainforests that beg to be explored.
Not only do you have the natural playground, but also man-made in the form of a number of theme parks that will provide days and days of hair raising fun.


Even though Tasmania is physically detached from Australia, it is proudly one of the states and if you have time should definitely be visited.

Tasmania is an untouched paradise.  Free from much of the built up mayhem of mainland Australia, Tasmania offers a nature lover's paradise.  

It is also the home of the scary looking Tasmanian Devil.  This endangered species is only found on the island state and if you are able to spot one you are in luck.

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