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John Evans is always looking for qualified ESL trainers! 

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Formations CPF

Nous proposons des formations éligibles au compte personnel de formation (CPF). Contactez-nous pour en discuter de la solution la plus adaptée à vos besoins.

Le compte personnel de formation est ouvert à toute personne d'au moins 16 ans. Les heures sont inscrites automatiquement dans le compte d'heures. C'est vous qui disposez de ce crédit d'heures, quel que soit votre situation : salarié, ou à la recherche d'emploi. Ces heures ne sont jamais perdues, même si votre situation change (changement d'employeur, par exemple) ou perte d'emploi. 

Les formations CPF sont d'un minimum de 20 heures.

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A network of independent language centres

John Evans is the sole member of the canSpeak network in the department of Isère.
Created three years ago and based on its quality of service, canSpeak aims to build a network of independent language teaching centres to serve companies and institutions all over France.
CanSpeak targets the best language centre in each French town.

A strict affiliation process is necessary to ensure the quality of member centres

We insist on:

  • membership of our quality charter
  • a visit by an expert mandated by canSpeak (Cabinet CRIBLE)
  • an interview with the managing director of the centre in the presence of 2 network co-founders

At present there are 25 canSpeak member centres accross France (with several centres in the process of being affiliated). More than 650 trainers and 150 years of accumulated experience in the field of language are available to you. More than 50 towns and cities are covered and canSpeak can offer you an unparalleled language training service with a guarantee of quality level anywhere in France, based on common teaching methods and philosophies.


canSpeak was founded with the sole objective of offering companies like yours language services - training, interpreting, translation, advice - which are both practical and efficient, good quality and at the best prices. For the first time in France you have access to a real alternative solution to language schools which can only offer a local or regional service, or which 'guarantee' a presence across France through a patchwork of franchises or subcontractors often chosen quickly.

The distinction of canSpeak is that we offer you a beneficial and unique combination of language centres throughout France, all of which have made their name locally and all of which are available and proactive in order to meet your needs - centres which are brought together in a unified national body to guarantee you the best level of quality on French soil. The canSpeak shareholders, directors and partners have all proved themselves in the management of professional language centres, which they have often built up themselves. The canSpeak professionals offer you:

A customer-oriented approach

We have been successful only because we always provide a service which meets the expextations expressed by our customers. Each solution proposed by us will be tailored to your company and your needs. We are not tied to using particlar methods or products - our only constraint is to produce the results you expect, within your timescales and within the agreed budget.

Unrivalled quality

Providing irreproachable quality is fundamental to the achievement of our objectives and to the building of long-lasting relationships between canSpeak and your company; to this end, wherever you are in France, you will deal directly with your local canSpeak representative. You will benefit from a National Charter to which we all adhere. No language organisation has more experience than the members of canSpeak; we know what is necessary to achieve success and we have set up the systems and the means to guarantee it.

Excellent administration

From the first contact with your staff, during the training itself and up to the analysis of results obtained, our extranet management systems ensure optimal efficiency, so that you benefit from easy access to the information you need, at the moment you need it.

An unequalled choice of language training and services with a single contact

Our vast network of resources enables us to offer a range of language training and services unseen elsewhere in France. CanSpeak has at its fingertips a pool of experts who can meet all your needs.
  • implementation of multi-site professional English (or other language) training for a large number of emloyees
  • brushing up your executives' presentation skills
  • coaching for salesmen in specialized areas, such as luxury goods, car parts, software etc
  • advice and linguistic support for receiving foreign visitors
  • last minute translations from English to Russian, for example
  • conference interpreters
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