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Formations CPF

Nous proposons des formations éligibles au compte personnel de formation (CPF). Contactez-nous pour en discuter de la solution la plus adaptée à vos besoins.

Le compte personnel de formation est ouvert à toute personne d'au moins 16 ans. Les heures sont inscrites automatiquement dans le compte d'heures. C'est vous qui disposez de ce crédit d'heures, quel que soit votre situation : salarié, ou à la recherche d'emploi. Ces heures ne sont jamais perdues, même si votre situation change (changement d'employeur, par exemple) ou perte d'emploi. 

Les formations CPF sont d'un minimum de 20 heures.

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Other useful sites

Website links

Website links

General language learning

Here are some addresses for other sites which provide language learning :-
This website is based on news articles which are updated daily. You can read or listen or both and there are lots of support facilities, like grammar exercises, dictionary, crosswords, and even an on-line teacher to answer you emergencies. It costs about 5€ a month but is very well put-together and provides a good web-based learning programme or addition to English lessons.
This site is good for beginners but also has exercises, grammar explanations and lists of expressions suitable for perfecting your English.
A good site with lots of articles and listenings for adults and children. There are general interest themes or business themes - something for everyone.
Set up to help English speakers with literacy problems, this site has some good simple exercises for beginners or false beginners. The site is all in English. It also has some good higher level listening comprehension exercises.
This site includes news items with vocabulary explanations and the opportunity to listen as well as read the articles. It also has quizzes, grammar exercises and lots more to help you improve your level.
This site is more suitable for pre-intermediate students or higher. It has comprehensive grammar explanations, exercises and a good list of resources. It also has reading practice - for example, you can read a Sherlock Holmes book chapter by chapter, with notes to help you understand and quizzes to check your comprehension.
A special course of lessons for beginners. Simple, clear and easy-to-follow lessons help to guide you through the first steps of learning English.
An easy-to-use site with lots of exercises, crosswords, podcasts, links and other stuff.

ESL blues
A site with lots of really good grammar exercises for pre to high intermediates.

News and articles

Here are some websites with news articles in English.

This site has news articles for students of English, with glossaries and audio tracks so you can listen too -

Listening skills

To practise your listening skills, particularly understanding the American accent, try VOA - Voice of America. This site has news and general interest items and a section called 'Special English' which is aimed at people learning English as a foreign language, where newsreaders speak slowly and clearly.

Try this address for English language learning podcasts that you can download direct onto your MP3 player to practise your listening skills. They are really good for false beginners or pre-intermediates as the speech is slow and clear. Vocabulary and expressions are also explained during the podcast.

Another site to try is
This site gives you practise in listening comprehension in a really efficient and effective way. You can download one free example to see if you like it bt then you have to pay a small fee for future voicebooks. The site comes highly recommended by some of our students. Try the free one and see what you think.

Anglophone Grenoble

Find out more about Grenoble's growing anglophone community
This site has articles written by people of all nationailities living in Grenoble. You can also find out about cultural and social events happening in the English speaking community. There is also a classified adds section - a great place to find a language exchange partner!
The Grenoble chapter of France Etats-Unis, a national French association which promotes friendship and understanding between France and the United States. They organise regular events in and around the Grenoble area -check out their Facebook page for more information:
This secondhand bookstore and tea room hosts regular events for native and non-native speakers alike. A cosy meeting place for a good read and a nice cup of tea!

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