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John Evans is always looking for qualified ESL trainers! 

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Formations CPF

Nous proposons des formations éligibles au compte personnel de formation (CPF). Contactez-nous pour en discuter de la solution la plus adaptée à vos besoins.

Le compte personnel de formation est ouvert à toute personne d'au moins 16 ans. Les heures sont inscrites automatiquement dans le compte d'heures. C'est vous qui disposez de ce crédit d'heures, quel que soit votre situation : salarié, ou à la recherche d'emploi. Ces heures ne sont jamais perdues, même si votre situation change (changement d'employeur, par exemple) ou perte d'emploi. 

Les formations CPF sont d'un minimum de 20 heures.

Rendez-vous sur le site pour plus d'informations

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Effective English in a friendly atmosphere!


Based in Grenoble since 1981, the John Evans Language School prides itself on its personalized, professional and effective English language courses.
Teaching, as we do, in multi-national companies, scientific research institutions, small businesses and also in start-ups, our teaching methods are tried and tested but also appreciated as much by our customers as by our students.
The school has deliberately maintained its small size to enable us to work in the way we love best, like the finest craftsmen, with care and attention to detail.
To work in the John Evans school is also to share a certain state of mind founded on our mutual convictions, simple but deeply embedded: a friendly atmosphere, a flexible attitude to your training, a listening ear, some very good tea and never forgetting that humour will always have its place.
If we've survived for more than a quarter of a century, we must be doing something right! We think you'll find that we provide the right conditions for you to get the most from your language learning.
If that sounds like what you're looking for, pop in and see us sometime!


Customised training

We don't like the idea of 'packaged' solutions so all our training courses are made to measure.
You are free to choose the venue, the content, the timing and the length of your course.
You make the decisions and we adapt to your needs!
Using your objectives and constraints as a framework we come up with a course structure that suits you.

Comprehensive course content

Prior to starting your course, we will spend time with you analysing your needs and assessing your current English level so that we can gain a better insight into your motivation and your training objectives. Together, we will also help you draw up clear, achievable goals. Here are some examples of the types of course content that our trainees request: oral fluency, improved understanding, professional vocabulary.

Made-to-measure courses.

Private or small group lessons, on-site or off-site, intensive or extensive. It's up to you to choose what fits your needs.
And if you change you mind, that's no problem either. We adapt to find the best solution for you.

Flexible course length.

It's not only the content of your course that we can adapt to your needs. Using our initial assessment test as a guide, we can work with you to find the length of course which will enable you to achieve your objectives.

Added value

As we know all about how difficult it is to deal with the administrative side of company training plans, and particularly with reference to the employee's individual right to training (CPF), we do our utmost to give you all the help we can to make sure this runs smoothly and efficiently.


A large car park is available to our students free of charge.

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